Here are a few of the sites we have worked on.

Plain English belongs to a teacher who writes her own curriculum. She needed a site which one, linked to her work on Teachers Pay Teachers; and two; collected visitors’ emails. I was […]

Prelinger Library

Prelinger Library is a private research library based in the Mission District of San Francisco which is supported by donations and run by volunteers. The current version of its website was built […]

Selling for Authors

Selling for Authors is an online educational and informational site which is owned and run by Bryan Cohen. I did not design the site, but I do provide ongoing tech […]

The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn is a site where authors can learn how to create, publish, and market their first book, and where to go from there. I provide ongoing maintenance and […]

Martine McDonaugh

This was an author site built on a theme (Ovation) originally designed for bands (music). This was an outside the box idea but with a few simple tweaks to the CSS […]

Andrew Watts, Author

This author site was built in Divi for a self-published author. There’s a little too much red and black for my tattie but it does work out well.

Jan deHoll, Guitar Prof

Built for a local music teacher, this site was constrained by its budget and other issues. One is not supposed to whine in public, but if I were teaching a […]

Mike Quick is a plumber based in Fredericksburg, VA, and he has also written a few books. He has several sites,  and one of them ( was a very basic affair […]

Kristina Beck is an up and coming romance author. I built out her site, customized the background, header, and other subtle details; and set up the mailing list pop-up and […]