It’s time to update WordPress (again)

Automattic released what it calls a “minor” update to WordPress this week, but most users (including anyone who fell victim to February’s site defacement) would tell you that calling WordPress 4.7.5 a “minor” update is a charming understatement.

WordPress 4.7.5 is a security update that fixes six security issues identified by researchers. You can read more on the specific technical details here, but the shorter nontechnical explanation is that the update fixes security holes that hackers could use to take control of your site.

f your site is hosted on, the update has already been applied for you.

But if you are using a different hosting company, you can update your site right now by visiting the Updates menu in your admin pages. You can find that menu here:

Update to WordPress 4.7.5 by clicking the blue button. Note: You should back up your site first. (Let me know if you have any problems.)

After you’re done updating WordPress, you should also update your plugins.

And while you are at it, you might also enable auto-updates. This last step requires a moderate level of technical skill, but it is still worth doing because it helps protect your site from hackers.

If you get into any trouble, let me know and I will see hat I can do to help.

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